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Information about the Heli-Shuttle

Please read the following information carefully and contact us if you have any questions.

  • Mt Beauty
  • Albury Airport
  • Falls Creek
  • Luggage
  • Important Info

Arriving by Car

Forest Air Helicopters operates from the Mt Beauty airport.

When you drive into Mt Beauty, take a left turn onto Embankment Drive just after Towonga South and just before Mt Beauty. Follow the road until you reach the terminal building at the end on the right. Free parking is available on the left hand side and is sign posted. Walk into the terminal building where our staff member will take your luggage and escort you out to the helicopter.

Secure outdoor and undercover parking is available at the Falls Creek Coach Service depot on the main road. Our complimentary pickup service can then transfer you to the airport.

Mt Beauty complimentary pickup service

If you are staying in Mt Beauty and would like to make use of our complimentary pickup service then just let us know when you make the booking. One of our staff members will come to your accommodation at the arranged time and take you to the airport. What could be simpler?

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Arriving by Plane

If you are flying into Albury airport, make sure your arrival time is before 13:20 so that we can arrange ground transportation for your luggage. If this is not possible, don't worry; other options are available. Once you have collected your bags, look for our friendly staff member at the exit who will be holding a Heli-Shuttle sign. Easy peasy!

Arriving by Taxi/Bus/Drop off

If you are arriving at the airport by taxi or bus then look for our staff member near the arrival doors of the terminal building. Our staff member will be holding a Heli-Shuttle sign. The rest will be taken care of, simple as that!

Arriving by Car

If you are driving yourself to the airport then once you have parked, head over to the terminal building and our friendly staff member will meet you at the arrival doors and escort you to the waiting helicopter.

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The Falls Creek helipad is located at the northern edge of the Gully Day Car Park.

Our meeting place for passengers coming down the mountain is near the "Gateway Cafe" which is opposite the Gully car park. From here our staff member will give you all the information you need to know. If you have a day bag or shoes that you need to store, a locker option will be available. Details of this service to follow.

We also have a complimentary shuttle service that is able to drop off and pick up from around the resort. Please arrange this when booking or before the day of travel and be aware that road conditions may affect this service.

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Luggage Allowance

1 x Pair of skis or snowboard
1 x Day bag (must be a soft/fabric bag. Must weigh less than 7kg and conform to the Regional Express airline cabin baggage dimensions)

General Conditions

Your skis (or snowboard) and day bag will travel with you in the helicopter. You will be ready to hit the slopes as soon as you arrive!

Please be aware that skis and snowboards will be transported in our "ski basket". This is a specially designed container that is securely attached to the side of the helicopter. Due to the limited space in the "ski basket" please make sure your set of skis or snowboard is not in a bulky bag. A thin protective sock for your skis or snowboard is acceptable (but not required).

If we can not fit all your luggage in the helicopter with you it will be transported up the mountain during the day by road and will be delivered straight to the transfer station. Luggage arrival times will vary, but typically the bags will arrive at the transfer station at 4:20pm. This means your luggage will not be available during the day and as such you need to plan accordingly. The charge for this service is $10 per bag to the transfer station.

Similarly, on the day you are departing Falls Creek you must have your luggage packed and at the transfer station before 9:30am. This will ensure they arrive at Mt Beauty or Albury airport prior to your arrival.

Going UP the mountain

You will need to arrive at your departure point, changed into your skiing clothes, at least 20 minutes before your flight time (30 minutes for Albury airport). This will allow us to give you a safety briefing, sort out final payment/paperwork and load your skis (or snowboard) and day bag onto the helicopter. Make sure everything you need for the day is in your day bag or on your person (including your wallet).

If you are flying into Albury airport then you have the option of changing into your ski clothes at the airport, ready for hitting the slopes at Falls Creek. Alternatively, you may wish to put your ski clothes into a soft bag (separate to your 7kg baggage allowance) which will travel with you to Falls Creek. The Gateway Cafe is a nice spot to get changed and buy that morning coffee!

Once you arrive, you are free to hit the slopes right away. The "Gully" chair lift departs from opposite the helipad and lift tickets are available. Alternately, if you would like to go to the main reception area, a complimentary shuttle service will take you there.

Going DOWN the mountain

All luggage MUST be dropped off to the transfer station before 9:30am so they can be transported down the mountain during the day. Any late bags may be charged at the cost of an extra person on the helicopter.

As with going up the mountain you will need to arrive at the helipad at least 20 minutes before your flight time. This is to allow us to give you a safety briefing, sort out final payment/paperwork and load your skis (or snowboard) and day bag onto the helicopter.




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